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By Office du tourisme et des congrès
de Val-d’Or (OCTVO)
Published on 31 March 2023

Like at the grocery store, the items on the list are different for everyone. The essentials differ according to each person’s needs. This principle also applies to outdoor activities. Are you a hothead? Do you have physical problems? It’s up to you to find out what you need, and by trying a few times, you’ll find out!

In my Adventure Tourism program, I was able to perfect my backpack in my image. I will name the important items that I bring during a winter day.

Essential Items

The size of the backpack differs according to your needs and the physical problems you may have. I recommend a bag between 30 and 40 L. Personally, I have a 30 L bag that is more than enough for one day. Here are the items I bring:

  • A headlamp: Always bring spare batteries, they die easily in winter.
  • A water bottle: At least 1 L. If you don’t have bottle insulator, attach it with the cap facing down on the side of your pack. In winter, the cap can freeze easily. I recommend that you put hot water at the beginning of your day.
  • A thermos: Bring some hot chocolate or tea for your lunch! It will also warm you up.
  • A whistle, a lighter and a pocket knife with a locking blade: three essentials for survival
  • A survival kit: It’s always ideal to bring a small personal first aid kit. I picked up my items at the Dollarama and put everything in a ziploc bag. It’s a good idea to bring sanitary napkins and tampons, even men, in case something goes wrong. You can also bring toilet paper in case you need it.
  • Hotshots: If you are a person who is often cold, I recommend bringing 3-4 hot shocks. This has often saved my life during alpine skiing.
  • A plastic bag: Always useful if you have wet clothes.

The clothes

Clothes have been my biggest struggle and it’s super important. It’s been better since I’ve been practising the onion peel technique. You put on several small layers and take them off as you go. The important thing is not to sweat through the clothes! If you are hot, take off a layer. In Val-d’Or, winters are polar, snowy and overcast so watch the temperature to choose the appropriate clothing.

The surface area of the region allows for outdoor activities. Take advantage of it and go with your loved ones and your family! It will allow you to see the beauty of the landscape around you and create memories for the future.

By Office du tourisme et des congrès
de Val-d’Or (OCTVO)
Published on 31 March 2023


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