Val-d’Or is at the centre of a magnificent area, the Vallée-de-l’Or, that is 27,000 square kilometres in size. You will, like countless others before you, succumb to the charm of its woods and lakes, the warmth of its welcome, its rich culture and beautiful cuisine.

Val-d’Or owes its existence to the gold rush, so a visit to our city is not complete without journeying back in time through the Bourlamaque mining village, one of the rare historical sites in Quebec that is still inhabited. In its natural setting, the village is a perfect marriage of urban and rural. Only in Val-d’Or can you spend the morning out on a golf course and the afternoon inside a mine tunnel! The culture, history, cuisine, commerce and sports in Val-d’Or and the ‘valley of gold’ (Vallée-de-l’Or) definitely make for a pleasant surprise. It’s a charming destination, worth its weight in gold!

To support newcomers, and visitors arriving for a more extended stay in the area, the Val-d’Or Tourist and Convention Bureau (Office du tourisme et des congrès de Val-d’Or) in cooperation with the City of Val-d’Or and the Abitibi East Youth Employment Hub (Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi Abitibi-Est) created a booklet that serves as a practical guide to Val-d’Or (Guide pratique de Val-d’Or). It is chock full of helpful information and tips, such as the contact details for medical clinics, pharmacies, recreation centres, laundries and dry cleaners, grocery stores, gourmet addresses, automotive services and rental accommodations.

A local  committee offers settlement services to newcomers

A local 10-person committee offers settlement services to newcomers. As a newcomer, you are encouraged to complete an intake form when you arrive. The information you provide will ease your transition and help you to settle in to the Val-d’Or community.  Once you’ve completed the form, you are registered with the committee, and will be kept informed of any and all activities they are organizing to support you in your new home.

The Vallée-de-l’Or Regional County Municipality also invites you to check out its website. It is chock full of information on the area and current employment opportunities.

Val-d’Or is a dynamic city whose epicurean, urban persona is happily married to its natural, outdoorsy self.