Hôtel Continental

Hôtel Continental


932, 3e Avenue

Val-d’Or, Québec

J9P 1T3

  • 819 824.9651
  • 1 800 567.6477
  • 819 824.1321

Description of the hotel

Only downtown hotel, it allows you a fast and easy access to a wide choice of restaurants and shops. Full hot breakfast is included in room rate. Furthermore, the proximity of tourist attractions such as La Cité de l’Or and Le Prospecteur microbrewery makes this hotel a prime location.

Services and general features of the hotel

  • 67 rooms
  • Partial access for person with impaired mobility
  • WiFi
  • Packages available
  • Direct outside access from rooms
  • Room service
  • Full hot breakfast included
  • Restaurant and bar on site
  • Kitchenette in 11 rooms
  • Microwave oven
  • Mini-fridge
  • Plasma cable television and unlimitted movies with Super Écran
  • Parking with surveillance cameras
  • Parking for snowmobiles and trailers
  • Snowmobile trail at the back of the hotel